Resveratrol for longevity: new research

Any one with an interest in anti-aging, or red wine, has heard of resveratrol. It's been touted as the premium anti-aging nutrient, and it appears to be living up to its promise.

You might think people who are into “anti-aging” want to live forever, but the reality is anti-aging is really just about living a healthy lifestyle, reducing your risk of disease, and ensuring good health for as long as you can.

Resveratrol, a phytonutrient from red wine, has been tipped as the key nutrient to take if you want to prevent disease and it appears there is truth to this idea. Recently an analysis of half a dozen clinical studies was able to show that daily resveratrol supplement has a positive effect on risk factors for chronic age related illness, such as blood pressure and blood sugar. These can set you up for heart disease and diabetes.

So, anti-aging enthusiasts who have been popping resveratrol each day might have been ahead of the curve. It seems it does indeed have important effects, and may reduce your risk of illness so you can live a healthier life after all.


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