Natural pill for a brain boost

A French maritime pine bark extract called Pycnogenol may be just the remedy you need if you want to put the spark back in your brain, according to a new study.

It won’t work as well as the drug in the movie Limitless, but Pycnogenol could be the next smart pill, and it’s completely natural and safe.  In fact the only side effects are likely to be good ones as it has lots of other benefits.

To push the limits some working professionals aged 35-55 took 150 mg of Pycnogenol daily for 12-weeks, and, when compared to placebo, they had a measurable boost in cognitive function; what’s more they also had a boost in alertness and their mood improved. Result.

A note for users; the scientists hand-picked people with high levels of oxidative stress for this study (Pycnogenol reduced it by 34%), so it might work better if you are not eating well, are stressed, overdo it on the after work drinks, smoke or don't exercise much – all of which increase oxidative stress.

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