Vitamin D for female fertility

More and more research is finding that vitamin D is crucial for fertility, in fact it was recently discovered that women with good vitamin D levels had the highest rates of successful pregnancies with in vitro fertilization (IVF).


Optimal nutrition is very important not only for a healthy pregnancy, but to improve your chances of falling pregnant. Of all the nutrients vitamin D appears to be key because it plays an important role in the reproductive system and female health.


A number of studies have found that infertile women with low vitamin D are less likely to fall pregnant after IVF, a recent study for example found that women who had vitamin D deficiency were 20% less likely to fall pregnant and implantation rates lower as well. 


But optimal nutrition is not just important for women, its crucial for men as well. A review of 36 studies of antioxidant supplements for fertility in men showed a very clear beneficial effect on birth rates and pregnancy rates and those undergoing assisted reproduction had a 4-fold improvement increase in successful pregnancies.


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