Natural hay fever relief with bromelain

Sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes? One in five people will suffer hay fever this spring. Fortunately a natural enzyme from pineapple fruit can help.

Hayfever can be a real pain, and although medications such as anti-histamines and steroids can help, many people would prefer a more natural solution.

Bromelain, an enzyme that naturally occurs in pineapple fruit, has been shown to have anti-histamine, and anti-inflammatory properties as well as to reduce excessive mucus and swelling. It is also non-toxic and has no side effects, making it a perfect candidate for natural sinus relief.

The use of bromelain for hay fever and sinus relief goes back almost 50-years. In the 1960s studies into bromelain found it reduced respiratory inflammation and was effective for reducing symptoms and improving breathing in people with sinusitis.

More recently a study found that when compared to usual treatments such as anti-histamine medications, bromelain was more effective for reducing the severity and duration of sinus symptoms in children. And another study in adults with chronic sinus problems found that bromelain was very effective for reducing symptoms and improving quality of life.

If you want to try bromelain we recommend taking one capsule or tablet (typically about 400 mg to 500 mg) up to three times daily.

Bromelain works better when taken away from food, so pop your pills between meals.

And combination products with other natural anti-histamines such as Quercetin are fabulous.

Enjoy the spring!



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