About Lifestyle Labs

Who and What is Lifestyle Labs?

Lifestyle Labs is the brainchild of two former NutriCentre employees and was born out of the desire to offer health shoppers in the UK a truly amazing experience. We get out of bed to help our customers achieve their lifestyle goals and our reward is if we manage to WoW them with our service!


What makes us different (business talk for "better") compared to other health retailers?

  • Small and independently owned - meaning that we can react fast and unbureaucratic to our customers needs
  • Best search functionality in the UK's alternative health industry
  • Best delivery service in the UK - why would you want to wait for your Vitamins?
  • Chilled storage - we actually refrigerate products that are supposed to be stored in a fridge (amazingly most online retailers don't do that!)
  • Temperature controlled warehouse - as soon as the temperature rises to above 24 degrees Celsius a cooling system kicks in. That's mainly so we can keep a cool head but also to make sure the Vitamins we sell are as potent as when they were manufactured
  • Low error rate - we love our warehouse team! They work hard to ensure that errors like missing products, wrong products and expired products are kept as low as possible...
  • We obsess about anything to do with health, sport or nutrition and love sharing any news or tips to improve your wellbeing 
  • We run a free directory to help you find a Nutritionist or Personal Trainer
  • Buy with confidence - we are registered with the UK and EU authorities as an approved online retailer for medicines. More information is available at:



        Valerian Voegele

        Hi, I am Valerian, one of the founders. I just wanted to thank you for looking at our website and I hope you have a great experience. If for any reason you are not satisfied please get in contact and I will personally sort it out!