So the time has come - we have had enough customers to warrant writing an FAQ section :)

Here we go...


Why can't I find a telephone number?

We are a small team and we pride ourselves on the service we provide. We have some of the fastest email / webform response times - quite frequently responding within the hour. Providing phone support would mean that from time to time customers may have to wait until we can answer the phone and this is simply an unacceptable customer experience for us...

Why do you only deliver to the UK?

We are really grateful for all the enquiries we got from all over the world but we are committed to always provide our customers with a WoW experience and we feel that expanding beyond our home market would compromise this experience...

Where can I get nutritional information?

Just click here to ask Dr. Lifestyle our resident collective of experts

How can I use multiple discount codes?

Unfortunately, you can only use one code per purchase and no discounts can be used on top of a subscription discount.

Why does my discount code not work?

Unfortunately, no discounts can be used on top of subscription discounts. So if you are trying to purchase a subscription no discount codes will work during checkout.

When will my subscription ship?

If you purchase a subscription the order will ship once straight away and then depending on what you ordered every X weeks / months. We will send you a reminder three days before it ships so you have enough time to cancel if you want.

I can't log in to change my subscription!

When you place your subscription order you can do that as a guest without creating an account. We will save you email address to send you order updates but you cant logg in to your account because you have not yet set a password. If you would like an account please email us at customer.service@lifestyle-labs.com and we will send you an invite to set a password...

How do I redeem my gift card?

Just click on the "have a gift card" text above the credit card information on the payment page. Please note that this is different to the "have a discount code" field. Don't worry we confuse them as well :)

Are subscription prices locked?

Yes, if you order a subscription your price will not change unless either you or we cancel the subscription. This means that you are protected against small price increases but potentially don't benefit from decreases should they happen