Amazing Grass Original Green Superfood 240 g Powder

Amazing Grass Original Green Superfood 240 g Powder - Lifestyle Labs

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Made in USA
Suitable for Vegans
Organic Ingredients


Green SuperFood is blended to perfection in a delicious tasting powder that mixes well with juice, water or your favorite beverage. A full spectrum of alkalizing green superfoods, antioxidant rich fruits, and support herbs unite with Acai and Maca to provide a powerful dose of whole food nutrition. Our Premium Blend of SuperFoods Provides Amazing Energy & Amazing Health! • Helps you achieve your recommended 5 to 9 daily servings of fruits and vegetables • Naturally detoxifies and boosts your immune system • Probiotics and Enzymes to aid digestion and absorption • Complete raw food with powerful antioxidants • Alkaline green plant foods balance acidic pH levels • Contains over 70% organic ingredients • More organic whole leaf greens per gram than other green superfoods - not from juice • Featuring Sambazon organic pure açai powder • No soy lecithin fillers • Nitrogen packed for freshness

Ingredient List

Calories: 30, Calories From Fat: 5, Total Fat: 1gm, Sugar: 0, Cholesterol: 0, Protein: 2gm, Total Carbohydrate: 4gm, Dietary Fiber: 2gm, Vitamin A: 4945IU, Vitamin C: 28mg, Vitamin K: 39mcg, Riboflavin: .37mg, Niacin: 5mg, Vitamin B6: 60mg, Folic Acid: 52mcg, Cobalamin: 1.4mcg, Calcium: 30mg, Iron: 2mg, Iodine: 9mcg, Selenium: 4mcg, Manganese: 240mcg, Sodium: 8mg, Potassium: 131mg, Chlorophyll: 30mg, AMAZING GRASS GREEN FOOD BLEND: 5580mg, ANTIOXIDANT BLEND: 1219mg, EFA FIBER BLEND: 666mg

Product Use

Mix 1 scoop with 6 or more oz. of water, juice or your favorite smoothie. Take it first thing in the morning to jump-start your day or whenever you are tired! We recommend 1 to 3 servings daily. This product contains approximately 85mg of plant-based caffeine.

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If you need more information about this product just ask Dr. Lifestyle for some personalised advice. Alternatively ask your Registered Nutritional Therapist (if you don’t have one you may find one in our Directory) or the experts at Terranova - the manufacturers of this fine supplement by calling 0845 072 5825

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Amazing Grass Original Green Superfood 240 g Powder

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