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About the Course (delivered by CNM in London)

CNMs Juicing for Health short course examines the world of juicing and the wide-ranging benefits that it can have to your health. You will learn how to use juices and smoothies to optimise your health and avoid common health concerns.

The course will include advice on the pros and cons of different types of juicers as well as which produce to use for maximum benefit. It will also review the important issue of blood sugar balancing for sustained energy as well as illness prevention.

To get the maximum benefit from what you will learn about juices, we will also explore the human body, its organs and various systems. We will pay particular attention to the liver, hormonal system and digestion, all which are vital for wellbeing, maximum energy and a healthy immune system. You will also learn about the healing properties of many fruits, vegetables, herbs as well as other nutrient dense foods.

You will also learn how to encourage children and picky eaters to consume more fruit and vegetables in the form of tasty juices and smoothies specifically tailored for sensitive palates.

This course is filled with delicious juice and smoothie ideas and packed with healthy, nutrient dense and tasty foods, all easy for anyone to enjoy.

Key features:

  • Juicing demonstrations
  • All juices will be prepared with organic ingredients
  • Tasters will be provided

What our students say

Very informative, I feel like Ive learnt so much and all presented in an interesting and knowledgeable way -S.D.

Tess was very personable and taught so much more than in the content. Brilliant teacher. Thanks! -C. F.

I have enjoyed it a lot. Learned things I didnt know. Really well done -L.O.

Excellent opportunity to ask questions, and a very knowledgeable tutor. Also very much enjoyed all the practical demonstrations of the various juices -D.V.

Really good explanations of the health benefits of the juices. A good selection of recipes. Its has been fantastic to have all the recipes demonstrated in class, to be able to taste everything before making at home? I was very impressed with the quality of the course, and I think Tess is a marvellous teacher. Would recommend to anybody to do this course -D.V.

Sampling a wide range of juices and smoothies & weekly inspiration! -V.V-B.

Excellent live demo & very interactive course! A.O.

Tess enthusiasm, energetic approach, knowledge and tasting so many delicious juices and smoothies. It was really nice to meet other people who are passionate about juicing. C.H.


No prior study required


  • CNM Certificate in Juicing for Health

Study Programme and Locations

Study Programme

Summer Juicing Course: 2 day course, Saturday & Sunday 18th/19th July 2015 10am 5pm

Next course dates:

Course Times Dates
Session 1:
Introduction to Juicing and the importance of Blood Sugar Balance
Easy Juicing for Children and Picky Eaters
Juicing for optimal Immunity
10:00am 5:00pm 18th July 2015
Session 2:
Juicing for a healthy Digestion
Juicing for Energy and Hormonal Health
Juicing for Inflammation and Joint Health
10:00am 5:00pm 19th July 2015

80% attendance of all lectures is required. Late arrival or early departure from lectures counts as non-attendance.

Course Fee

  • ¶œ285 (for 2 session course)


CNM, 41 Riding House Street, London W1W 7BE (Tube: Oxford Circus) Location Map (opens in new window)


  • CNM Certification

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