Higher Nature Kids Fruit & Shake, 100gr

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  • A fun shaker, full of goodness, and easy for kids to use!
  • Yummy flavoured fruit and vegetable powder
  • Great sprinkled onto yoghurts, desserts or experiment!
  • Tasty fruit flavour and a delicious condiment for all the family
  • Always keep it handy in the kitchen and let them play!


Powdered apples, tomatoes, blueberries, fructose, xylitol, natural berry flavouring, broccoli sprouts, vitamin C, silicon dioxide.      

Suggested use:

Children aged 3 years and up: add to yoghurt or desserts, sprinkle onto breakfast cereal, or experiment!  

Please note:

Do not feed xylitol to dogs; if consumed seek veterinary advice.     

Higher Nature Kids Fruit & Shake, 100gr

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