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Lamberts Cherry Concentrate consists of highly concentrated juice of sour cherries and tastes great as it is naturally sweetened with red grape and apple concentrates both of which are also packed with healthy polyphenolic compounds. The unique benefits of sour cherries (not to be confused with sweet cherries) first came to light in the 1990s, when numerous studies were published concerning the antioxidant content of this fruit. Further research has identified the active antioxidants as eight polyphenolic compounds, including anthocyanins and quercetin. As well as potent antioxidants, anthocyanidins have been shown in a number of studies to possess other useful functions in the body. Our diets used to be rich in these fascinating compounds because fruits, berries and seeds were an important part of our stone-age diets. Anthocyanadins are also found in cranberries, bilberries and gogi berries, all of which are hailed as superfoods.

Nutritional Information

Nutrient per Claim RDA [%]
A dark red slightly viscous liquid
Our Cherry Juice Concentrate N/A N/A
Red Grape Juice Concentrate N/A N/A
Apple Juice Concentrate N/A N/A
Potassium Sorbate N/A N/A
No artificial sweeteners or added sugars N/A N/A
NOTE: Lamberts Cherry-Concentrate is a natural product and therefore may vary slightly in colour and consistency from batch to batch. This does not affect the quality or efficacy of the juice N/A N/A

Ingredient List

Sour Cherry Juice Concentrate, Red Grape Juice Concentrate, Apple Juice Concentrate, Potassium Sorbate.

Product Use

General use: as an antioxidant and support for the cardiovascular system, take 10ml (2 teaspoons daily)

Sports use: for recovery after exercise, take 30ml (6 teaspoons) daily

Shake well before use

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Lamberts Cherry Concentrate 500 ml Liquid

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