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Suitable for Vegetarians
Suitable for Vegans
Gluten Free
Dairy Free
Yeast Free
Sugar Free
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Prelox is a patented combination of two naturally occurring substances, L-Arginine and Pycnogenol. L-Arginine is an amino acid found in many foods, whereas Pycnogenol can only be obtained from an extract of the French Maritime pine tree (also know as Pinus pinaster). Pycnogenol supports blood circulation throughout the body, including the genital area. Prelox can play an important role in helping to maintain sexual wellness. It can enhance sexual pleasure and performance by helping to maintain blood flow, enabling a more satisfactory love life. Sent in discreet packaging L-Arginine is used by the body to form a substance called nitric oxide which plays an important role in controlling blood vessel diameter, and hence blood circulatory flow. Pycnogenol contains substances which activate enzymes within the body necessary for converting L-Arginine into nitric oxide. In addition, Pycnogenol contains powerful antioxidants, which may help to maintain healthy blood vessels by protecting against damaging free radicals continuously produced by the body. The interaction of these two substances may help to maintain healthy blood vessels and sustain blood flow to the genital area, which is important in the bodys sexual response, ability to maintain erections and ultimate sexual satisfaction.

Key Features

Manufactured to pharmaceutical standards. Unique patented combination of Pycnogenol and L-Arginine. Improvements in blood flow can also benefit general health. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Nutritional Information

Nutrient per 1 Tablet Claim RDA [%]
L-Arginine aspartate 700mg N/A
Taurine 50mg N/A
Pycnogenol 20mg N/A
Sliced microcrystalline cellulose N/A N/A
Micocrystalline cellulose N/A N/A
Colloidal silicon dioxide N/A N/A
Polyvinylpyrrolidone N/A N/A
Magnesium stearate N/A N/A
Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose N/A N/A
Polydextrose FCC N/A N/A
Titanium dioxide N/A N/A
Brilliant blue FCF N/A N/A
Medium chain triglycerides N/A N/A
Indigotine N/A N/A
Allura red AC N/A N/A
Sugar, Yeast, Dairy and Gluten Free N/A N/A

Ingredient List

L-arginine aspartate 700mg Taurine 50mg Pycnogenol 20 mg Sliced Microcrystalline cellulose Microcrystalline cellulose Colloidal silicon dioxide Polyvinylpyrrolidone Magnesium stearate Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose Polydextrose FCC Titanium dioxide Brilliant Blue FCF Medium chain triglycerides Indigotine Allura red AC

Product Use

First 2 weeks: 2 tablets twice daily

Thereafter: 1 tablet twice daily or as directed by a physician

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Please Note: You must follow this recommended amount and persist with usage in order to see the best results

Efficacy improves with continued use

This is a natural health supplement and is not designed to work within hours like the famous 'blue pill'


There are no known adverse effects or drug contra-indications. Pregnant or lactating women and those on medication should consult a doctor before using any product.

Need more Information?

If you need more information about this product just ask Dr. Lifestyle for some personalised advice. Alternatively ask your Registered Nutritional Therapist (if you dont have one you may find one in our Directory) or the experts at Pharma Nord - the manufacturers of this fine supplement by calling 01670 519989

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Pharma Nord Prelox 60 Tablets

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