Pulsin Whey Protein Isolate 250 g Powder

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Pure protein for power and health! Pulsin's whey protein is of the highest quality, made using milk from hormone-free, outdoor-reared, grass-fed British cows. Free from carbohydrate fillers, artificial flavourings and sweeteners, whey protein is easily digested and contains all the essential amino acids the body needs to stay strong and fit. A great supplement for athletes and those looking to build lean muscle, whey has many other health benefits as well. Not only does its high protein content help repair cells, balance blood sugar and strengthen the immune system, it's also high in anti-oxidants and helps to reduce cholesterol. Fortify your favourite foods with a spoonful of Pulsin's Whey Protein Powder. Contains 100% whey protein isolate, soya lecithin

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Vegetarian Gluten Free Non GM Low fat No added sugars or sweeteners Made using hormone free milk from grass-fed cows

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Pulsin Whey Protein Isolate 250 g Powder

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