Solgar Caricol 20 ml 20 Stickpacks

VMS - Solgar Caricol 20 Ml 20 Stickpacks

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Made in USA
Suitable for Vegetarians
Suitable for Vegans
Gluten Free
Dairy Free
Wheat Free
Soya Free
Yeast Free


Caricol is a natural product made from tree-ripened, organic papaya. It helps to promote healthy digestion.

Papaya is well-known to support healthy digestion because it contains enzymes that help to break down proteins within food. However, the proprietary methods developed by the Monastery have succeeded in concentrating and enhancing the fruits natural digestive properties resulting in the unique papaya puree that is Caricol.

Healthy, nutritious foods and the maintenance of a well functioning digestive system play an important role in the balanced life of the Lotus Buddhist Monastery. In Buddhism, the health of the body is considered to be intimately tied to the well-being of the soul so establishing healthy digestion is an important part of a balanced spiritual practice.

Caricol has a regulatory effect on the human digestive system, supports natural peristalsis, and facilitates regular bowel movements. It is suitable for those whose digestive process is irritated or distributed, especially relating to excessive flatulence or gas, loose stools, or a tendency towards constipation.

Caricol is based on a recipe developed by Dae Poep Sa Nim, the founder of the Lotus Buddhist Monastery located on the Big Island of Hawaii.


One stickpack (20gr) of Solgar Caricol provides:

  • Organic Papaya Fruit
  • Organic Lemon Juice
  • Organic Papaya flavours


  • Serving Size One stickpack 20gr¶¿

Solgar Caricol 20 ml 20 Stickpacks

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