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Here is a list of our regular blog contributors. If you want to ask them a question feel free to write us at and we will take care of the rest...





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Dr. Lifestyle

Dr. Lifestyle is our own collective of leading health, nutrition and fitness experts. Having several brains makes it really hard to decide what we feel like for breakfast (Chia Coconut Pudding, or a Green Smoothie?), but when it comes to health advice we are an all-knowing, hyper-intelligent, super human.



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      Alice Bradshaw D.N.Med

      Alice is a regular contributor on health matters in various publications within the health and nutrition industry and we are proud to have her as a regular guest blogger.


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          Fiona Campbell

          We are proud to welcome Fiona Campbell at Lifestyle Labs. Fiona is an experienced clinician, presenter and health writer specialising in the areas of weight management, IBS, and problems with energy and sleep. She is a regular guest on BBC Radio Bristol and TV's Made in Bristol, and has appeared on several TV programmes both within the UK and internationally. She has helped hundreds of men and women achieve the vitality and shape they've always wanted with simple, science-based advice that works.


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          Chris Cahill (B/Sc, Dip)

          Strength & Conditioning Coach, Health Consultant, Personal Trainer (

          Internationally educated sports scholarship graduate from Bournemouth University, Chris's personal training specializes in aesthetics and performance. He also works as a Strength and Conditioning Coach at Queen Mary University and delivers bio-age consultations on behalf of Healthwise for corporate companies in the City. Currently he trains full time as an Olympic weightlifter.