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Made in UK
Suitable for Vegetarians
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BioPure ProteinTM is a top-quality, pure whey protein concentrate with a high content of natural immunoglobulins. Whey protein is a 'complete' protein, containing all the essential amino acids in an optimal proportion to match the body's needs.

Key Features

  • Provides 16g of high-quality whey protein per serving.
  • Contains naturally occurring immunoglobulins.
  • Also provides naturally occurring minerals including calcium, potassium and phosphorus from the whey concentrate.
  • Contains no additional ingredients; unflavoured and unsweetened.

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BioPure ProteinTM is generally chosen specifically for its content of immunoglobulins. It can also be a good choice for anyone looking for an unflavoured, unsweetened, high-quality whey protein.

Nutritional Information

Nutrient per 2 Scoop Claim RDA [%]
Calories 100 kcal N/A
Protein 16 g N/A
Total Carbohydrate of which: 2 g N/A
Sugars (lactose) 1 g N/A
Total Fat of which: 3 g N/A
Saturated Fat 2 g N/A
Cholesterol 75 mg N/A
Fibre 0 g N/A
Calcium 170 mg N/A
Magnesium 16 mg N/A
Potassium 95 mg N/A
Phosphorus 150 mg N/A
Sodium 45 mg N/A
Vitamin A (130IU) 40 ¶æg N/A
Whey Protein Concentrate (containing immunoglobulins) 16 g N/A
Typical Amino Acid Profile: Mg Per Serving N/A N/A
Alanine 750 mg N/A
Arginine 476 mg N/A
Aspartic Acid 1861 mg N/A
Cysteine 346 mg N/A
Glutamic Acid 2698 mg N/A
Glycine 332 mg N/A
Histidine 303 mg N/A
Isoleucine (BCAA*) 837 mg N/A
Leucine (BCAA*) 1573 mg N/A
Lysine 1342 mg N/A
Methionine 332 mg N/A
Phenylalanine 519 mg N/A
Proline 938 mg N/A
Serine 938 mg N/A
Threonine 1125 mg N/A
Tryptophan 289 mg N/A
Tyrosine 476 mg N/A
Valine (BCAA*) 866 mg N/A

Product Use

Mix 2 scoops with a cold beverage, or add to your favourite recipe once daily

To prevent protein denaturation and maintain the protein activity level, do not mix in hot drinks or recipes that require baking or boiling

Also, do not mix with pineapples or papayas because their enzymes may deactivate the protein


This product contains vitamin A. Do not exceed 750¶æg of vitamin A (as retinol) per day if pregnant or likely to become pregnant except on the advice of a doctor or antenatal clinic. If pregnant, breastfeeding, taking any kind of medication or have a medical condition, consult a healthcare practitioner before using this product.

Need more Information?

If you need more information about this product just ask Dr. Lifestyle for some personalised advice. Alternatively ask your Registered Nutritional Therapist (if you dont have one you may find one in our Directory) or the experts at Nutri Advanced - the manufacturers of this fine supplement by calling 0800 212 742

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Nutri Advanced BioPure Protein 345 g Powder

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