Terranova Green PH Alkaline Super Blend 40 g Powder

VMS - Terranova Green PH Alkaline Super Blend 40 G Powder

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Terranova’s Green pH Alkaline Super-Blend is a powerfully active and intensely synergistic formulation for maintaining healthy acid-alkaline balance. Featuring highly alkaline-forming freeze dried botanicals and superfoods including kale, stinging nettle, spinach, parsley, endive, dandelion leaf, watercress, wheatgrass juice, broccoli sprouts and celery, Green pH Alkaline Super-Blend is the ideal supplement to help achieve a more alkaline environment in the body. Research shows freeze drying of plants to be superior to other drying methods in terms of activity, biochemical complexity, solubility and stability, as well as retaining a plant’s enzymatic integrity.

Ingredient List

Endive (fresh freeze dried) Dandelion Leaf (fresh freeze dried) Watercress (fresh freeze dried) Wheatgrass Juice (fresh freeze dried) Broccoli Sprout (fresh freeze dried) Celery Stalk & Leaf (fresh freeze dried)


Not recommended during pregnancy pr breastfeeding unless on the advice of a qualified healthcare practitioner. If taking prescribed medication, consult a physician before using this product. Not recommended for use if taking prescribed anti-depressant medication.

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Terranova Green PH Alkaline Super Blend 40 g Powder

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